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Powered by InfoComm International, AV-iQ represents the world's most complete source of pro-AV information serving Europe. Browse full audiovisual equipment catalogs that feature AV-iQ's product data comparison tool, BIM data and a library of case studies to help in product searches and project planning. Find regional product and service providers with the AV Services Directory and Unified Communications Directory. Sign up for My-iQ to receive product news, industry updates and additional tools free upon login!

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In addition to being the largest, most comprehensive, single source of audio visual equipment, service providers and case studies in the world other benefits incorporated into the AV-iQ solution include common categorization and common data presentation to simplify research, news, videos and a monthly recap of all new products entered into the database sorted by manufacturer's name and category.

AV-iQ also serve another very important role in the Audio Visual community. They define one of the core values brought to the market by resellers and integrators; the audio visual equipment that they are authorized and trained to sell and support. While it is true that many products are now available through distribution, just having access to audio visual equipment for inclusion in projects and systems cannot be the only consideration in choosing products and their providers. Critical to the long term investment is the proper installation, service and maintenance that is available from the provider to ensure maximum up time and full performance. That ability comes from mutual investments made by the manufacturer and/or distributor and the equipment provider in the areas of support training at the sales level as well as in the service and installation departments. System Integration is a highly technical field and consideration of the technical support capabilities of the provider should be a key element when selecting an equipment provider.

The AV-iQ solution has a built-in approval process that provides each manufacturer the ability to validate the current status of each reseller. That means the buyer can have confidence that if the product is in the reseller's AV-iQ there is a high probability that the manufacturer has acknowledged the relationship and there is a working partnership to ensure optimum results after the sale.

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